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Book & Unit: Let's Go 3,

Target language: Vocabulary related to jobs; talking about what do you want to be in the future ?

Let's learn!

Part 1

a. Watch the video below and play "hidden picture jobs game "


Part 2

a. Write the names of the jobs :

b. Unscramble the letters to find the jobs:

  1. Namspto -

  2. Esurn -

  3. Ernragde -

  4. Hcretae -

  5. Cinhcame -

  6. Shreifnma -

c. What are they?

  1. Who repairs cars? -

  2. Who drives a taxi? -

  3. Who is the guy who catches criminals? -

  4. Who makes bread? -

  5. Who works in a newspaper? -

  6. Who writes novels? -


Part 3

a. Listen to job description of 10 people below and write the job name of each person.

b. Watch a video below and try to do role-play conversation.


Let's practice !

What do you want to be in the future ? and why?

Make a video of your speaking.

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