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the secrets of learning a new language

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Listen to the Ted Talk "The Secrets of learning a New Language" given by Lydia Machova and answer the following questions:

  1. How often does she learn a new language?

  2. How many languages can she speak?

  3. What is the name for someone who speaks a lot of languages?

  4. What is Benny's method for learning a new language?

  5. What does he not mind making?

  6. What is Lucca's method for learning a new language?

  7. How did it help him learn the language?

  8. What is the one thing all Polygots have in common?

  9. What did the speaker read in Spanish?

  10. What did she watch in German?

  11. Apart from enjoyment, what are the other 3 principles to achieve fluency in a foreign language?

  12. How many languages can Benny speak now?

  13. What Language did Luccas try and learn for 10 years?

  14. How many languages does Luccas speak today?

  15. What is the speakers job?

Download MP3 • 6.86MB

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