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Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Book & Unit: Engage 2, welcome

Objectives :

  • weather, clothes, personal descriptions, possessions.

  • foods &drink, job, music.

  • Present possessive and simple present

  • Countable and uncountable nouns : How much, how many

  • Possessive adjectives can/can't

  • was/were, simple past

Let's learn!

Part 1

A. Weather

Look at the chart below and practice asking & answer :

what's the weather like today ?

B. Personal descriptions


Filling the blanks with the words above:

She has light blond hair and blue....

Her hair isn't ….

it' s long and …..

He has ….

His hair is …..

It's …..and …..

C. Clothes

Practice asking and answer to describe the man &woman below:

1.What's she/he wearing ? She/he's wearing ….

2.What does she/he wear ? She/he wears...…..

D. Possessions.

Match the picture with the words below. Then listen, check and repeat.


Part 2.

A. Foods

Practice asking and answer :

1.what do you usually have for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

2.what do you like to eat?

3.Do you often cook at home or eat out ?

B. Music & Instruments

Practice asking and answer these questions:

  1. What kind of music you like?

  2. what kind of music is popular in your country

  3. what instruments can you play ?


Part 3

  • Grammar

A. present simple, present continuous, past simple

1. Write the verb in brackets in the correct form, present simple or present continuous, in each gap

It (0. be) is Sunday evening and my friends and I (1. be) …. at Jane's birthday party. Jane (2. wear) …. a beautiful long dress and (3. stand) …. next to her boyfriend. Some guests (4. drink) …. wine or beer in the corner of the room. Some of her relatives (5. dance) …. in the middle of the room. Most people (6. sit) …. on chairs, (7. enjoy) …. foods and (8. chat)…. with one another. We often (9. go) …. to our friends' birthday parties. We always (10. dress) …. well and (11. travel) …. by taxi. Parties never (12. make) …. us bored because we like them.

2. Put the verbs in brackets into the present simple or the past simple

Tommy Brown ________ (like) making up stories. No one ______ (believe) what he ______ (say) because he always _____ (tell) lies. He ________ (live) in a small village and _______ (work) on a farm just outside the village. One night last week, Tommy ______ (finish) work late. It _________ (be) dark and cold. Suddenly, he _______ (hear) a strange noise, so he _________ (look) up. It __________ (be) a UFO bright flashing lights. The UFO ________ (come down) towards him and he ________ (see) two green men looking him from outside. He ___________ (scream), ___________ (drop) his bag and ______________ (run away). When he ______________ (arrive) in the village, he ______________ (run) into some villagers and ______________(start) telling them about the aliens but they all ______________ (laugh) at him. No one ______________ (believe) Tommy.

B. Countable and uncountable nouns

  • Choose the correct answer :

  1. If you want to hear the news, you can read paper / a paper.

  2. I want to write some letters but I haven’t got a paper / any paper to write on.

  3. I thought there was somebody in the house because there was light / a light on inside.

  4. Light/a light comes from the sun.

  5. I was in a hurry this morning. I didn’t have time / a time for breakfast.

  6. “did you enjoy your holiday?” – “yes, we had wonderful time / a wonderful time.”

  7. Sue was very helpful. She gives us some very useful advice /advices.

  8. We had very bad weather / a very bad weather while we were on holiday.

  9. We were very unfortunate. We had bad luck / a bad luck.

  10. It’s very difficult to find a work / job at the moment.

  11. I had to buy a / some bread because I wanted to make some sandwiches.

  12. Bad news don’t / doesn’t make people happy.

  13. Your hair is / your hairs are too long. You should have it/them cut.

  14. Nobody was hurt in the accident but the damage / the damages to the car was / were quite bad.


Let's Practice!

  1. Write a short paragraph to describe a friend. Write a bout their physical appearance and clothes he/she usually wears.

  2. Talk about your regular activities and habits. Use correctly simple present and adverb frequency. Make a video of yourself speaking.

  3. imagine and make a story about your embarrassing experience you had when you were young. Use correctly simple present.

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